Leadership and Responsibility Assembly

During our Leadership and Responsibility assembly in December, I was moved by all our student contributions. Each grade captured the meaning of each concept and communicated meaning in their own special way. The assembly was student led, meaningful to them and students owned the work. I was very proud of their work for this assembly, and I wanted to share two of their contributions.

The first contribution comes from fifth grade students who worked with Miss Potts to create a message and musical arrangement that touched our hearts and our minds.

Our fifth graders’ message:

Music has changed the world. From the simple folk music of Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan to the melodic harmonies of the Beatles, to the confrontational rap of Public Enemy, music has been an important part of movements for change. It has challenged the norm, created communities, inspired heroism, given voice to those without one and provided hope, comfort, and joy in challenging times. In other words, music has been a force-and a source-of leadership in every age. Leadership and responsibility can appear in many different ways. Our class doesn’t have one leader, instead we have many. By working together as a team we depend on each other. We are each a leader in how hard we work and the time we spend practicing. Separately, we are responsible for very specific notes and must listen and concentrate. Only when we work together can you hear our beautiful music.The second contribution is from our second graders. They too created a message that captured who we are and who we aspire to be as leaders with responsibility.

Our second graders’ message:

L is for leaders are important at Fox Hill School.
E is for everyone can be a leader.
A is for are you a leader?
D is for do you know what a leader does?
E is for every Leader sets a good example.
R is for remind yourself and others to do the right thing.
S is for shows us how to be a good Fox Hill citizen.
H is for helping is the key to leadership.
I is for influencing people in a positive way.
P is for practice makes perfect leaders.

R is for respect others ideas and property.
E is for everyone deserves to be treated.
S is for solving problems is the responsible thing to do.
P is for promises have to be kept.
O is for obey the rules at Fox Hill School.
N is for never be disrespectful.
S is for stay calm when something goes wrong.
I is for independence make you a responsible leader.
B is for bring your homework every day.
I is for I will always try my best.
L is for learning to be responsible is a big job.
I is for it takes a lot of work to be responsible.
T is for take responsibility for your own actions.
Y is for you always have responsibility somewhere inside you.

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