Curiosity and Creativity

This year we are integrating four of Dr. Quaglias’ “8 Conditions that Make a Difference” throughout the school year. The first condition, “Belonging”, occurred from September to October; our second condition, “Leadership and Responsibility”, occurred from October to December. Our third condition, “Curiosity and Creativity”, is our focus during January to March and finally, our fourth condition, “Confidence to Take Action”, will be our focus from March to May.

All of us at Fox Hill School have embraced each one of these conditions and all work in a variety of ways to weave them into our typical activities and learning tasks. Curiosity and Creativity brings the most interest and excitement as creativity appears to be a relevant topic in educational literature today. In an era of educational accountability and student achievement, many educators feel creativity has been lost and schools quell creativity. There may be some truth to that idea; however, by nature we are creative beings because we have the capacity to think and imagine. Creativity works its way in all types of situations all the time; and at Fox Hill School, we value creativity. We simply need to recognize it, listen to it, watch it, encourage it and acknowledge it. Creativity is playing with ideas, thoughts, and daydreams and making them evident and possible.

I have recently become a big fan of This is a website that features inspiring and thoughtful talks about someone’s idea, or passion. They are truly thought-provoking and have changed my thinking for what I hope is for the better. There are many talks about creativity and I share with you, a couple of my favorites:

I hope you are inspired by them too and they bring out a curiosity for developing your dreams and passions. I cannot wait to see how creativity unfolds in education and at Fox Hill School. I imagine it will be very easy as children have fascinating ideas because they are flexible thinkers. Children are often open to many different perspectives, see the world very differently from adults, and appear not limited by or restricted by time, space, or fear. Creativity begins with curiosity; asking questions and finding answers. As parents, ask your children thoughtful questions, listen to their answers, solutions, ideas and celebrate their uniqueness. As educators, we will too and together we can look forward to new discoveries, paths, and learning from our creative and inspiring children.


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