What Can You Invent Using Simple Machines?

That is an easy question for fourth graders at Fox Hill School to answer! On February 18, 2011, our fourth graders and their teachers held its annual Invention Convention to showcase student inventions created from simple machines; a lever, a wedge, a screw, a pulley, an inclined plane or a wheel and axel. Students spent several weeks brainstorming, designing, discussing, and finally, displayed their invention for all to see. The cafeteria was filled to capacity with students, parents, grandparents and siblings who came to support, admire and discuss student inventions. As I stopped in awe for a moment to take it all in, I realized how engaged everyone was in this event. Students were enthusiastically and passionately explaining and demonstrating “how their invention worked.” Not one student I talked to faltered in their explanation or in their demonstration; students knew what they were talking about and knew what they were doing! Parents, teachers and students were asking fourth grade students difficult questions and many had thoughtful facial expressions as if to say, “How did they do that?” or “It’s amazing! Everyone was immersed in learning, engaged and happy; that’s education at its very best!

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