Celebrating Student Curiosity and Creativity!

On March 1, 2011, we held our third school assembly celebrating curiosity and creativity. Each grade shared something they were curious about or created as a grade or as a class. Kindergarteners were curious about what would happen if they mixed different paint colors together. As a result, they created a beautiful mural of many different paint colors. First graders created a variety of designs using their handprints and selected quotes to highlight their handprint designs on beautiful colorful posters. Second graders were curious about how many different objects they could create using three different size rectangles. As a result, they created 38 different objects! Our second graders also created an acrostic poem sharing their thoughts about creativity. Third graders created an amazing mural that illustrated 91 different ways they are creative. Fourth graders were curious about what they could invent using only simple machines and created amazing, useful, and creative inventions. Finally, our fifth graders took an eclectic approach and shared a variety of poems, stories, illustrations, diagrams and their feelings about curiosity and creativity. Mrs. Coroniti started our assembly with music, and students shared their musical talents by singing a song about imagination. As a school community, children asked questions highlighting what they are curious about and their questions are posted on our cafeteria wall. We will continue to foster our students creativity and curiosity as this is an essential component to engagement and learning!

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