2011 – 2012 Student Information

It is that time of year when we begin to create new classes for the next school year. Parents received a letter last week explaining our placement process. A student information form was also included to gather parental feedback to help us in the placement process. This year an additional factor influences our placement process, this additional factor is including students redistricted to Fox Hill School and planning for students redistricted to Memorial School.

All Burlington families received a letter from the Superintendent’s office indicating where your child(ren) will be attending school. I anticipate approximately 50 students will leave Fox Hill School and approximately 20 students will come to Fox Hill School. Even though some of you are redistricted to Memorial School, I encourage all parents to complete the Student Information Form and return it to Fox Hill School. For those of you who will be attending Memorial School in September 2011, the Student Information Form will be given to Principal Karen Rickershauser to assist her in the placement process. Please understand a parental request for a specific teacher is not an effective factor in the placement process. Final placement decisions are the responsibility of the principal and all placement decisions are considered final. After I review each Student Information Form, the instructional staff will work together to place your child in a classroom community that best meets their academic, social and emotional strengths and needs.

Please return the Student Information Form as soon as possible to Fox Hill School whether you are attending Fox Hill School or Memorial School in the Fall of 2011, and together we will make the placement process work for all children. The Student Information Form is also available to download on the Fox Hill website.


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