Student Voices Make a Difference at Fox Hill School

Our last school assembly focused on the condition, “Confidence to Take Action”. This condition encourages and teaches students to think about what they are interested in and actively involves them in developing and implementing solutions. Last May, a survey was given to all students that asked them to share what they liked and what they wanted to improve at Fox Hill School and to give three solutions for making those suggestions for improvement a reality. Every student completed the survey, and it was rewarding to read and “listen” to what every student thought about Fox Hill School. It was interesting that certain themes emerged, and I decided to capture those themes using a “wordle” that I proudly share with you.

“What We Like About Fox Hill School”

Some student suggestions for improvement have already been addressed while others will shape our school goals. One of the more frequent student suggestions was to create a basketball court on the playground. Other student suggestions included keeping our school clean and eating more nutritious lunches. Of course, there were those creative and unique suggestions that included air conditioning, a pool on the roof, and a food court in the cafeteria. However, as a result of our student voices, I am excited to announce that a new basketball court has been completed on the school playground and bathroom renovations are done. I know students will be thrilled when they return to Fox Hill School and see these improvements. Also, students are very interested in taking better care of Fox Hill School by recycling unwanted items, planting trees, and making a garden. I plan to involve students in turning these suggestions into realities by working in partnership with the Student Council. I invite parents to participate and “listen” to our student voices for making Fox Hill School a better place too.

“Ways to Improve Fox Hill School”


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