Educating All Students Using a Response to Intervention Model

Since September 2009 under the leadership of Dr. Eric Conti, all 4 elementary schools in Burlington Public Schools use a multi-tiered system of instruction called Response to Intervention. This model is highly effective for instructing students in reading and has reduced the numbers of students who experience reading failure in the district and at Fox Hill School. Response to Intervention is a complex process that requires trust, commitment, collaboration, and accountability on every member of a school community as well as district level support. Recently, I hosted two parent coffees explaining our district-wide Response to Intervention Model to Fox Hill School parents. I share my presentation with you, and I include pictures of our initiative in action. I am enormously proud of the hard work students, teachers, specialists, support staff and central office administration have put into making Response to Intervention a reality and flourish at Fox Hill School. In my more than 25 years in education, this is the most exciting, promising and sustainable instructional model for ensuring all students will learn, and I am dedicated to the process and its implementation at Fox Hill School.

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