Problem-Solving Team ~ Working Together to Create Student Success

Response to Intervention is a system of student support that relies heavily on strong leadership, family engagement, professional development, fidelity of implementation, and a school culture that values student growth and achievement. While no one support area is more important than the other and each support area is dependent upon the other, collaborative school/family problem-solving is a critical and powerful process to a successful response to intervention support system.

The Problem-Solving Team and Problem-Solving Process at Fox Hill School is the collaborative school/family support system made up a group of adults from a variety of disciplines that include the student’s parents. A problem-solving team session is requested by a staff member or a parent when a student does not respond over time to intervention. If a problem-solving session is needed, the student’s parents are invited to collaborate with the classroom teacher, grade level teachers, school psychologist, guidance counselor, reading specialist, a special education teacher, and the principal to identify the area of academic need, develop learning goals, select specific interventions, and set a time frame to monitor progress.

The Problem-Solving Team is a necessary and powerful component prior to a request for a special education evaluation. Fox Hill School conducts weekly problem-solving team meetings to address student needs. Its success rate is high for meeting student needs and stimulating growth in the core curriculum. Any parent wishing to understand more about the problem solving process is welcome to view the video clip for the Department of Education in Colorado: Response to Intervention – Meeting the Needs of All Students. This video clip is an excellent explanation and representation of what the problem-solving process looks like at Fox Hill School. Any parent with any further questions is welcome to contact the principal at


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