Fox Hill School is the One for Fun & Excitement

On December 16, 2011, Fox Hill staff and students participated in a very special assembly that focused on the condition Fun & Excitement taken from Dr. Quaglia’s 8 Conditions that Make a Difference. The condition, Fun & Excitement, promotes student engagement and passion for learning. Several Fox Hill staff members created a very exciting and fun way to passionately engage students in our school-wide theme, Be the One, sparked from the book “One” by Kathryn Otoshi. Be the One was created to help students remember and feel empowered to say “Stop!” when faced with social conflicts or challenges that bring them discomfort. I proudly share with students and the Fox Hill School community our Fun & Excitement Assembly. This assembly captures and illustrates a community of passionate and committed learners both young and old working together for common goals and having a lot of fun doing it. I will also share with you some of our fourth grader’s narrative writing pieces that captured student impressions of the assembly soon. This writing topic is a strong example of authentic and deep student engagement for a learning task that is part of the fourth grade curriculum. Fourth grade students wrote enthusiastically and passionately about the assembly while developing their writing skills. It was a proud moment as a school principal when I fully realized the strong impact this assembly has had and continues to have on students. It has lead to many other learning experiences for students and teachers. I look forward to what the Fox Hill staff comes up with for an encore performance!


2 thoughts on “Fox Hill School is the One for Fun & Excitement

  1. Fantastic assembly!! My kids couldn’t stop talking about the teacher dance! Thanks for engaging the kids and making learning interesting! Great job with dance – looked like a lot of fun!

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