Special Days at Fox Hill School!

Fox Hill School held its first auction on March 4, 2012 supporting teaching and learning as well as building and strengthening a community working together.   Our first auction was a bit of a risk and a lot of hard work but it also was an enormous amount of fun for kids, staff and parents.   The Fox Hill community offered many auction items but some of the auction items that held a special interest for kids included Superintendent for a Day, Principal for a Day, Custodian for a Day; PE Teacher for a Day; Ride to School in a Fire Truck and a Police Car.  Students who experienced being a Superintendent, a Principal, a Custodian, and a PE teacher brought a lot of creativity to their new roles.  Similarly, Paige Devereux and Carson Reidy who experienced a special ride to school shared this opportunity with others demonstrating their kindness and consideration of others.  This was also evident in Maddie Nash who shared her day as PE teacher with a friend.  Both girls were supportive and encouraging as they led PE classes throughout the day.   Everyone had a fun, creative and meaningful day in PE under Maddie’s direction and care.   Maddie was also Superintendent for the Day spending time with Dr. Conti, Maddie’s day was very busy with Dr. Conti and I think she enjoyed returning to Fox Hill School as a fifth grade student.  

Joey Trabucco, a third grade student, was Principal for a Day and implemented Light it Up Blue a day that recognized and honored students with autism.   Under Joey’s leadership, everyone wore blue on that day and Joey met with students at each grade level to share his understanding about this special type of disability.  As a result of Joey’s contribution, Fox Hill School will spend time in the 2012-2013 school year working to increase our awareness and understanding of students with a variety of disabilities.  Not to be outdone by Joey, Giovanni Szekely Corsi a second grader, also had a chance to be Principal for a Day.  Giovanni spent a lot of time ensuring that teachers had what they needed while spending time with our technology director Dennis Villano while teachers engaged in  learning how to use new 21st century technology.  Giovanni and Mr. Villano held several collaborative discussions throughout the day sharing thoughts as to how technology can better serve Fox Hill students in the future.   Also, Joey and Giovanni provided students with a homework free evening, a little extra recess and allowed teachers to leave early immediately following student’s departure for the day.

Matthew Pinkham served as Custodian for the Day and the school never looked better.  I met with Matthew in the morning to discuss and review tasks that needed to be completed for the day.  Under Matthew’s leadership, teachers and students had everything they needed for the day, the school was sparkling and kids were safe in the hallways and in the cafeteria.  Thank you to Dr. Conti and the entire Fox Hill staff who contributed to our first auction.  Their contributions made and supported powerful and meaningful memories for children.  Also, thank you to all parents who supported and contributed to the auction, it was a risk and hard work but that risk and hard work modeled working together benefiting our students in far-reaching and positive ways.

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