It Just Takes One to be Super Cool!

On Friday, November 2, 2012 Fox Hill School had a school-wide assembly to kick off our school-wide program that encourages students to Be the One for advocating for self and for others to be kind, accepting and fair to everyone.  All students enjoyed a beautiful interpretation of the book  “One” performed by fifth graders.  Ariella Tucci was the narrator, Brady Doherty played Blue, Dylan Lechner played Red, Bridgette Nocella played Yellow, Jennavive Viglione played Purple, Nicholas Ponzini played Orange, Nithellen Ravi played Green and Mikaila Gnerre played One.  Students were deeply engaged as they watched our fifth graders share the message through expression and performance that it only takes one to say, “no” to others who are hurtful, hostile and unkind in order to promote kindness and acceptance. After our play, students participated in a discussion that answered the questions:

  • What does it mean to “Be the One?”
  • How Will We Stand Up to Others and for Ourselves in a Respectful a Responsible Way?

Student responses included:

  • “listen to others” 
  • “share”
  • “take turns” 
  • “recognize and accept other’s strengths and weaknesses”
  • “ask for help”
  • “include others” 

It was energizing and rewarding to experience every Fox Hill student highly engaged in this discussion.  Fox Hill students are learning, sharing and practicing this simple but complex message everyday.  I know I speak for the entire Fox Hill staff when I say how proud we are of all our students as they develop courage and as they work to meet “Be the One” expectations everyday.  Mrs. Dwyer directed our student play and had some help from costume and set designers Julia Papasodoro, Shyla Law and Anika Divekar.  Mrs. Dwyer has organized and will faciliate the positive recognition program that encourages all staff to reward students with a ‘Be the One” sticker for meeting “Be the One” expectations.  All teachers will receive a large number one and stickers will be placed on their classroom One as students are recognized for “Being the One” at Fox Hill School.  Be the One expectations will be shared with all staff and I will share those expectations on my blog soon.  Thank you for supporting this simple but important program and thank you for your lovely children!


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