Learning and Growing with a Little Help from Our Students

clipart1The 2012-2013 school year was a highly productive and engaging school year for all of its members.  Our school year was charted by district, school, team and individual goals that brought us closer to realizing what we aspire to achieve in a given school year.  Fox Hill School’s Improvement Plan and Improvement Council had a direct and positive impact on what we accomplished and achieved this school year.  One of the more notable accomplishments and achievements was the concept to elicit feedback from our students.  Our School Improvement Council took on the task of developing a student survey to better understand how students feel about learning and what truly engages them in the learning process at Fox Hill School.   Once the survey was developed and reviewed by teachers, it was shared with students through their google accounts and students were able to access and complete this survey online in school.  321 out of 400 students completed the survey and the results were interesting.  The complete survey results are shared below.

Student Engagement Survey Results

During our last staff meeting, the Fox Hill staff reviewed and reflected upon the results of the survey and discussed ways in grade level teams for how best to incorporate student survey results into their teaching next year.  Significant results from the survey demonstrated that students are motivated or engaged in the learning process when technology tools such as iPads and computers are integrated and used in teaching lessons. Also, students enjoy working in small groups consisting of 2 or 3 students.  It is encouraging that students enjoy and are more engaged in learning when working in small groups because small group learning develops and strengthens important collaborative skills necessary for meeting 21st century expectations.  Finally, students are motivated by the recognition and positive feedback received from their teachers as well as positive teacher-parent communication for work well done in school.

The feedback we received from students was invaluable and welcomed.  The survey process was recognized as an important tool for us to further our growth as a staff and as a school.  We plan to continue to solicit feedback from students again next year and have already thought of ways to improve our student survey.  Students are our first and top priority.  They make our work meaningful and this work is always shaped by what students need and deserve from us.  Students come first at Fox Hill School and our survey is evidence of our commitment to them as learners.


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