Summer Happenings at Fox Hill School!

underconstructionWhen one thinks of summer months, thoughts of carefree days with little to do often come to mind!  However, during the summer months at Fox Hill School the opposite has been true and there is much meaningful and purposeful work being accomplished!  This summer our main office area is undergoing a major renovation for the purposes of increasing school safety!  The demolition crew worked hard this past week clearing the space to rebuild our main office to make it better and safer for our children.  The biggest surprise during the demolition phase was uncovering and understanding the construction of the main office’s safe.  While many thought is was made up of one wall of cement brick, the demolition team quickly revealed the walls of the safe structure contained two layers of red brick and one layer of cement brick.  In addition, the ceiling was made up of a wire grid containing a thick layer of cement in each part of the grid.  It took three days to break down that safe!  The history behind Fox Hill School suggests the safe was constructed to hold all finances associated with Burlington Public Schools.  Times certainly have changed and the current contents only contained school files and records along with supplies!  We are looking forward to our new main office, and I will update the blog with photos to witness and archive the transformation!  As always, I am so grateful to the Town of Burlington and to Burlington Public Schools for the constant support it provides that facilitates continuous growth in our journey to always strive to be a better school for our children!

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