Columbia Pictures Presents!

Monday, September 16, 2013 is a day to remember at Fox Hill School!  Starting at 10:00am in the morning, Fox Hill School began its transformation into a movie set for Columbia Pictures.  In the morning, Fox Hill School received a new school sign in our front yard and became Walt Whitman Elementary for about 24 hours.  Shortly after the sign was posted crews arrived in trucks, cars and buses to continue the transformation.  Multiple trees and shrubs arrived and crews worked all day as they transformed our middle grass area into an area of beauty.  These trees and shrubs definitely enhanced our grounds and giving me inspiration to develop that area as our Columbia friends had done.  Once Fox Hill School students left for the day, the transformation kicked into high gear.  Four school buses arrived,  two SUV’s, 55 students arrived with their parents along with cameras, the director, the assistant director, the location director, Jason Segel, multiple assistants and a lot of action.  The scene filmed was Jason Segel playing a father driving his children to school in the morning.  They filmed this scene over and over again, and it looked exactly like a typical morning at Fox Hill School!  Mr. Segel unexpectedly posed for pictures and signed autographs for staff and for families of child actors in Fox Hill School’s main lobby.  He was such a gracious and kind person and he gave us so many memories to tell over and over again to our friends and family.  On Tuesday, everything returned to its original state and students were treated to an opportunity to listen about how a movie set is selected and filmed from the location director who organized everything with skill and grace.  Our students were so attentive and respectful to our guest speaker and it was such an opportunity for Fox Hill School.

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