Growing Success Little by Little

This year our theme focuses on growth and the importance of celebrating growth. A theme unites a school, it grounds everyone in their thinking and provides an opportunity to build and strengthen connections for what we do and to each other on a daily basis. Our theme, Growing Success Little by Little captures the essence of what is occurring in our school this year. Fox Hill School and Burlington Public Schools is evolving and changing little by little towards what we aspire for ourselves as a school system. Our security is stronger, we have a new math curriculum, a new writing curriculum and we are working diligently to attend to and nurture our student’s social and emotional growth every day. This is highly valued and very important at Fox Hill School.

The Fox Hill Code is the foundation or the roots of our aspirations to nurture student’s social and emotional development. The Fox Hill Code communicates to students that they have a responsibility to be respectful and a right to expect respect from others. Practices used from Responsive Classroom allow us to nurture the roots of the Fox Hill Code through our Morning Message, Closing Message, and through the modeling, practice and reinforcement of expected behavior. Responsive Classroom lessons become the trunk or the personal strength to practice the 8 Conditions that Make a Difference; Sense of Belonging, Heroes, Sense of Accomplishment, Fun & Excitement, Spirit of Adventure, Curiosity and Creativity, Confidence to Take Action and Leadership & Responsibility. These 8 aspirations provide the self-worth, the engaged learning and the sense of purpose to bloom into “Being the One.”

Our theme, Growing Success Little by Little organizes all we do into one powerful visual message. Everyday I observe the growth of our students and I am so proud of our staff, our students and our community for nurturing our children into strong responsible citizens.



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