Fox Hill Garden Growing Little by Little

On Saturday May 3rd, several Fox Hill families came to Fox Hill School to plan out the garden, till the soil and measure the area for two raised garden beds. The Cargile’s, the Magnarelli’s, Mrs. Curtin, Ms. Almstrom, Mrs. Settelen and I had alot of fun working together to get the first phase of the garden completed. Each of us recognized our strengths and our needs when it came to measuring and tilling the soil, and we worked as a team to complete the first phase of the garden. Special thanks to all the families who gave their time on Saturday to get this project started. The second phase of the garden, building the raised beds is almost done. The wood was ordered and delivered to Mr. Levesque where he is close to finishing building the raised beds. We are waiting for some additional wood to be delivered to finish off some fine details, but I anticipate the raised beds will be laid on top of chicken wire donated by Ms. Pavlicek very soon. Once the raised beds are laid on the garden plot, the soil will be delivered and planting can be begin. This project is taking some time to complete but it has been rewarding and fun. There are so many wonderful people who came forward to support this project and have donated their time and their enthusiasm for ensuring this project is ready by the end of school. Please know everyone is welcome to lend a hand or to donate time or materials as this garden is a school community project that encompasses everyone.

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