Welcome Back!

Dear Fox Hill Parents,
It is back to school time and everyone at Fox Hill School is excited to begin the  new  school year!  Last  year our overall theme was “Growing Success Little by Little” and this year our theme is “Celebrating Growth and Success.”  As I reflect upon our last school year and prepare for this  school year there is much to celebrate at Fox Hill School.   Children who attend Fox Hill School love Fox Hill School, love their teachers and are overall genuinely happy children, this an excellent example of true success on many levels.  Parents are a child’s first teacher and our children’s happiness is a result of the care and love you give to your children every day, thank you.  Fox Hill teachers are your child’s second teacher and every day under their care, our teachers work to build personal relationships and to connect with their students.   Every day Fox Hill teachers cultivate a child’s interests, their dreams, their strengths and their needs.  As we continue to “grow success” this year we want to be sure to take time to “celebrate  success” and  acknowledge “what is right with our children,” what is right with our school,” little by little and every day because it is right there waiting for us to notice and celebrate.

At the end of our school year, we began our celebration at our Sense of Accomplishment assembly when we treated our students to a video called, “Happy!”  Fox Hill’s spirit committee created this video that celebrated children and captured the joy found in classrooms and in hallways at Fox Hill School.

Also at the end of the school year we held our first “Fox Trot.”   Every child at Fox Hill School ran, jogged or walked around the building to raise money for the PTO.   This was a huge success, lots of fun and the PTO raised almost $4000.00!  We are so appreciative and grateful for each parent’s contribution that supported our students and this event.  Money raised will go towards funding supplemental and enrichment activities for our students for this school year.  This is celebration worthy!

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Another success and celebration worthy is our new shade structure and our new school garden!  If you have not been to Fox Hill School this summer, I encourage you to stop by to take a look at the garden!  Our garden is spectacular and it was through teamwork and commitment that made this garden a huge success.  Thank you to all parents who cared for the Fox Hill garden this summer!   During the first week of school, classrooms may plan to visit the garden so if you visit please  refrain from picking any produce at that time.  My hope is that classrooms will pick the produce to give to the cafeteria so they can prepare a school snack or add to a school lunch!  More garden photos can be found on the PTO website

Last year we implemented a new writing program, “Explorations in Nonfiction Writing” and a new math program, “EnVision Math” and this year we continue that implementation as well as celebrate the growth in our students and in our teachers as a result of learning about and using these two new programs.  “EnVision Math” is a huge success and we believe our student’s math understanding and growth is increasing, we cannot wait to continue on this path of success and are very appreciative of having access to such a wonderful new and updated math program.

For the 2014-2015 school year every child will be issued an ipad at the start of the school year making our school a 1:1 ipad learning environment for all children.  This is definitely a reason to celebrate and I cannot wait to witness the growth of our school as a result of this exciting opportunity!

This summer was rather quiet at Fox Hill School regarding summer projects.  Our anticipated roof project was delayed a year due to unexpected high roof bids.  Though delayed, our roof is being repaired and a warrant article will go back to Town Meeting in May to gain funds for what is needed to replace the roof.   Though the roof was delayed, our access road was paved giving parents and buses a smooth surface to drive on when picking up and dropping off students.  This is really a moment to celebrate, long overdue and very much appreciated!  Thank you to everyone who voted to make this much needed improvement a reality!   Finally, our walls received a fresh coat of paint and every classroom has been painted!  This gives Fox Hill School a bright, clean, fresh and unified look.

This year we had unexpected staff changes that have left us feeling bittersweet.  We are  a bit sad because very special people left Fox Hill School to pursue new challenges, however, we are very happy and proud to see staff members in new positions that will foster their growth in new and challenging opportunities.  We wish them the very best.  Mrs. Boari accepted a secretarial job at Central Office.  Her new job is challenging and very important to the successful management of  Central Office.  We are very proud she was selected to be in this new role.  She will do an excellent job and we will miss her dearly!   We also said goodbye to Ms. Clifford who returned to Somerville Public Schools as a school guidance counselor.  It was difficult decision for Ms. Clifford to make because she grew to love the children at Fox Hill School and Burlington but it was an opportunity Ms. Clifford had dreamed to obtain.  We wish Ms. Clifford the very best too.  Finally, Mrs. Reekie transferred to Memorial when an opening became available for a kindergarten assistant.    As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens and that was evident due to these changes.  Even though we will miss Mrs. Boari, Ms. Clifford and Mrs. Reekie we are excited to welcome new members to Fox Hill School as these new members have also taken on challenges in their new roles at Fox Hill School.  It is with great pleasure to announce that Mrs. Downie is our new Fox Hill School secretary, Mr. Daley is our new grade 4 teacher and Mrs. Doble will serve as math tutor.   Ms. Jessica Greene is our new guidance counselor, Ms. Jocelyn Christopher and Mrs. Mary Davis join Fox Hill School as kindergarten instructional assistants, Ms. Emily Jackson is a new RTI tutor, Ms. Kristina Christie is teaching grade 1 while Mrs. Sawyer is out on maternity leave, Ms. Natalie Stone and Ms. Meghan Mulrenan join Fox Hill School as permanent substitutes.  I am confident and excited that these changes in staff and in staff roles will bring much value and joy to Fox Hill School.

Our first day of school is Tuesday, September 2, 2014.  School begins at 8:35 am and ends at 2:40pm.  Please look for bus schedules in the local newspaper.  The bus schedule may also be found here.  Parents are not required to purchase school supplies this year as we have purchased all necessary materials for all children.  However, it is fine to purchase school supplies if it is important to you and to your child.  Teachers will integrate any supplies purchased by parents into their classroom organizational systems.  Parent Pick Up will continue as it did in grades 1-5 last year.  At the end of the day parents will drive along the access route and stop at the playground doors.  Parent Pick Up students will be dismissed through the playground door and into the first two cars by a teacher on duty.  Mrs. Moules is our primary staff member on parent pick up duty and she is highly efficient in this role.  I look forward to seeing everyone on the first day of school and if there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to email me at EJohnson@bpsk12.org or call 781-270-1791.  Please visit our website and the principal and teachers’ blogs for additional information about the opening of school.

I cannot wait to see our students on Tuesday, to give them a hug and to start celebrating their successes both small and large!

With Warmest Regards,
Ellen Johnson

Fox Hill School






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