First Days of School!

Our first week of school was wonderful and there was much to celebrate throughout the week beginning on the first day of school. At 8:15 am, staff were ready for the morning arrival and as students arrived there were many smiles, hugs and enthusiastic welcome backs! Students adjusted quickly to their new homerooms and teachers worked hard creating a sense of belonging, making connections, building relationships and creating classroom expectations. There was much to learn during the first week as we adjusted to new recess and lunch times, met new friends and staff, learned new routes to new classrooms and welcomed the Fox Hill School After School Program.

Mid-week, several 4th and 5th graders joined me in the Fox Hill school garden to see what had grown over the last weeks of summer and what needed picking! It was decided cucumbers needed picking as there were many and several quite large cucumbers. We picked 10 large cucumbers and brought them to the cafeteria. Our lunch room staff was happy to receive them and they plan to include our cucumbers in a lunch salad or will cut them into dipping sticks with dressing. This was very exciting to our students and the enthusiasm and sense of pride was rewarding. Next week we hope to pick cauliflower and watermelons!


Our first week of school ended with an assembly about Belonging, Be the One to be respectful, responsible, safe and kind! Also, I introduced the concept of a Fox Hill Buddy Bench on the playground and the kids loved it. Please click on this link that explains “The Buddy Bench.”  Everyone at Fox Hill School is looking forward to a wonderful year filled with many celebrations and successes! We look forward to sharing those successes with you and we encourage you to share your celebrations and successes with us too!


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