Volunteers Needed for Bridges Program


Fox Hill School is providing a wonderful opportunity to fourth grade students by engaging in a partnership with BRIDGES: Growing Older, Growing Together.   BRIDGES is an intergenerational program that promotes mutual respect, understanding and friendships between elementary school students and older adults in the Burlington community.  Adult senior volunteers from Burlington, MA work in partnership with classroom teachers once a week for six weeks.  Students and senior adults discuss and compare life experiences, share personal stories and learn from one another.  All discussions are based on topics that include “Schools Then and Now,” “Ethnicities, Heirlooms, & Traditions,” “Learning From Each Other,” “How Are You Smart?,” and “How Old is Old?”

BRIDGES provides rich and authentic opportunities for students to learn and practice oral speaking, listening, writing and storytelling skills.  It also teaches students about respect, citizenship, and appreciation and understanding of differences.  There are many rewarding experiences awaiting senior adults too!  Senior adults learn firsthand about the educational and social changes that children experience as well as how talented and kind our students and their teachers are at Fox Hill School!  Senior adults may make a lasting friendship with a special student and I am certain they will receive many hugs and smiles from Fox Hill students.

However, in order for BRIDGES to become a reality at Fox Hill School, we are in need of senior volunteers.  Grandparents of students attending Fox Hill School are particularly wonderful and so meaningful to the students.  Fox Hill needs approximately 24 senior volunteers to make it the best possible experience for students.  If your child’s grandparent would like to volunteer or if you know of any senior who would love to become a part of Fox Hill School, please contact the Senior Center at 781.270.1950 or sign up online at http://www.tinyurl.com/bridgestogether.  Another possibility is to contact Kristen Downie at the Fox Hill Main Office on their behalf and someone will call them.  Senior volunteers are needed at Fox Hill School in January-February.  I look forward to welcoming many grandparents and senior volunteers to Fox Hill School!

To learn more and see videos of participants describing their experiences with the Bridges program, visit BridgesTogether.org.


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