Good Morning Eye Opener!

On Friday, January 23, 2015, Fox Hill students will have the opportunity to be on Channel 5’s Wake Up Call.  Channel 5 sends a cameraman to schools in Massachusetts to film elementary students saying “good morning” to their viewing public and tomorrow is Fox Hill’s turn.  All students will be called into the gym to sit by grade level.  Grade level teachers were asked to select one student from each grade level to say a scripted message; and once those students are finished, our whole school will join them in saying good morning!  The whole production should only take about fifteen minutes.

Students were asked to wear their “Be the One” t-shirts or their Fox Hill t-shirts.  If families do not have a “Be the One” or a Fox Hill t-shirt, students can wear a white, green, or blue t-shirt.   The Eye Opener Team decides what morning this Eye Opener segment will be aired and if we are given a date for broadcasting, I will definitely share it with Fox Hill families.

We are looking forward to a fun and interesting morning!


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