Great Week!

Students had a great time getting outside this week enjoying the warmer temperatures. As they came into school after a great recess, their cheeks were glowing, their smiles were wide and their eyes were bright. They are happy and we are happy too, spring is really here! It is exciting to know that there will be increasingly warmer and longer days ahead.

All students in grades 3-5 completed the PARCC Performance Based Assessment test in reading, writing and math. I cannot express enough how proud I was of Fox Hill students and Fox Hill staff for their outstanding work preparing and taking this assessment all week long. Everyone took a positive approach and had a can do attitude for handling whatever came their way; we had many support staff and everyone worked together as a strong team. As a result, we ended each day and the week with happy students and happy staff. This can do attitude and teamwork says a lot about our school’s ability to handle new changes in education. These changes, though scary at first, are positive and they represent the future in education for our children. These changes also represent the desire to strive to be our best in education for them. Fox Hill School is on its way with accepting and embracing these changes while at the same time never losing sight of the most important part of education, the child. I am so proud of Fox Hill School!


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