Partners in Education

Thank you to all parents who came out to meet us at Back to School Night and to show your support and interest in education! It was a wonderful evening and teachers were so pleased with the many parents that came to their classroom to hear about our curriculum, school and classroom expectations, and goals for the school year! Our focus this year is learning and strengthening the concept of community at the classroom level, the school level and at the community level. We are making a strong effort to include parents more often at Fox Hill, and we are interested in your feedback and suggestions for how to strengthen Fox Hill as well as your suggestions for how to better include you and inform you about the educational process. At Back to School Night I shared a video called, “A Letter to a Teacher” by Roy Firestone and I invited parents to write a letter to their child’s teacher. Some of you have written and shared heartfelt letters with your child’s teacher and teachers have been touched by your thoughts, hopes and dreams for your child this year. If you have not done so already, please consider writing a letter to your child’s teacher to let them know what you want for your child this school year. Your letter has great potential to enhance your child’s educational experience at Fox Hill.

At Back to School Night I also gave parents a survey to complete so I can get a better understanding of what parents are interested in learning more about at Fox Hill and about education in general. I received many parent surveys, and I am excited to learn about your interests and your needs. If you have not done so already, please fill out your parent survey and return to me or please take some time to fill out this online parent survey.  In October, I will share the results of the survey and set a schedule for “PIE” Nights or Partners in Education Nights.

Finally, I am in need of two parents and two community members to sit on Fox Hill’s School Improvement Council. This council reviews the school improvement plan and makes suggestions and recommendations for executing the school improvement plan and for supporting the principal in developing a new school improvement plan in the spring. Two teachers also sit on the improvement council and together we strengthen Fox Hill School’s ability to meet our student needs, our teacher’s needs and our parent community’s needs. The school improvement council meets monthly for one hour on Thursdays. School Council dates can be found on the principal blog with the School Improvement Plan. If you are interested in participating on school improvement council, please email me your interest at

Thank you very much to the Fox Hill community! This is truly a special community that comes together to do such remarkable things for kids, for teachers and for each other. I look forward to experiencing what we can do this year too!


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