Sometimes It Just Takes One!

The Fox Hill School community is a strong and caring community who puts kids first every day. Our teachers work hard to teach our students skills in the content areas, and they also work equally hard to teach our students to be good citizens. Being a good citizen means to be respectable, to be responsible, to be safe, and to be kind.

When students demonstrate these values they are “Being The One” and are being good citizens! Every day our students are acknowledged for their efforts for demonstrating appropriate behavior that represent our values. Fox Hill School implements a Positive Behavior Interventions & Support or PBIS. We implement this at the classroom level and at the school level. At the school level, teachers acknowledge groups of children who are Being the One, who are being good citizens by being safe, kind, responsible and respectful.

Here are just a few examples of our great citizenship! Mrs. Hevey acknowledged Mr. Daley’s students for being kind because they donated markers to Mrs. Hevey’s classroom; Mrs. Boeri acknowledged Ms. Miele’s students for being responsible by following the rules in the cafeteria; Ms. Saia acknowledged all students in the third grade for being safe at recess for the entire week; Mrs. Doyle acknowledged the first and third grade bus lines for being respectful and safe waiting for the bus; Mrs. Smith acknowledged Ms. Christie’s class for being safe by walking in line safely in the hallway. Mrs. Johnson acknowledged Mrs. Tigges’ class for being responsible by walking quietly in the hallway. I will continue to share more examples of positive and expected behavior with parents. Our community is working hard to be good citizens and it shows every day!

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