Fox Hill Happenings 9-16-16

principalsdeskWelcome to our new and progressive Fox Hill School newsletter!  This new format is in response to parent’s wanting to access the newsletter online.  In order to receive the newsletter in a timely way, please sign up to receive an email alerting you that the newsletter is posted on the principal’s  blog.  Each week I will continue to write a message and below the message will be a link to the rest of the newsletter.  Simply click on the link and there you have it, the weekly newsletter!   I hope you enjoy the new format!

What a busy and productive week had by all at Fox Hill School!  Kids are settling in learning new and revisiting existing routines and expectations, they are making new friends and reconnecting with old friends. Every day there are many smiles seen all around school and the fun and challenging process of learning is steadily getting underway.  This year, our school focus is diversity.  Diversity includes learning about different cultures and it also includes learning about learning differences in ourselves and in others.  Learning has many starts and stops and highs and lows, that’s what it means to learn!  Sometimes when students are faced or presented with challenging work they can get down on themselves or start comparing themselves to others and start to lose confidence or stop believing in themselves.  We at Fox Hill School want to students to develop the mindset that frustration and roadblocks in learning is expected, acceptable and a natural part of the learning process.  My goal and my hope is that we communicate how much we believe in every child, every day, despite the highs and the lows, in spite of the starts and the stops, and through the challenges and the successes. Our teachers are skilled, talented and committed to teaching your child so they can experience a rewarding learning experience.  Many teachers are holding informal parent meetings, emailing and talking to parents on the telephone to learn about your child through your eyes.  I have enjoyed seeing many, many parents coming into Fox Hill School in the morning and in the afternoon to meet with teachers and I am very proud of our teachers willingness to extend themselves to parents on a daily basis.  As a result, great and strong home-school partnerships are forming.

Our buses are running well this year and each day buses are arriving faster making dismissal more timely.  It is expected that buses run a little slower during the first few weeks of school as everyone is getting used to their new dismissal routines.  Our parent pick up is going smoothly too and I am appreciative of parents’ understanding for following the parent pick up routine outlined in the Parent Handbook.  For those families new to Fox Hill School, the procedures for Parent Drop Off/Pick Up are shared below:

Parent Drop Off/Pick-Up
A.M. Drop-Off is (8:15 am), pick-up begins at 2:35 pm

Parents driving students to school in the morning are required to use the access road on the right as you enter Fox Hill Elementary School. Please drive around the building until you come to the end of the access road at the end of the playground. Students are to exit the car on the left hand side of the car and walk to the sidewalk. Students are to exit from the first two cars only.

Parents of children in grades 1-5 who pick them up in a car at the 2:40pm dismissal time are required to drive along the Fox Hill access road and the first car will stop parallel to Fox Hill School recess doors.

  • Cars will form a single line and parents will remain in their cars.
  • Teachers will walk all parent pick up students out to a designated spot at 2:40pm and teachers will dismiss students one at a time to the first two cars in line.
  • Students will enter the car on the left hand side of the car.
  • Once students are in the car and the car door is closed, parents proceed to the parking lot and exit Fox Hill School via the second row.

Parents of kindergarten children who pick up their children at 1:10pm come into the main lobby and teachers will release children to parents in the main lobby.

Any parent who:

  • sends a different driver to pick up their child other than the usual driver must send a note to the classroom teacher stating the change of driver that includes their full name.  Students will not be dismissed to a different Parent Pick Up driver without a note from a parent.
  • changes their usual dismissal routine to Parent Pick Up must send a note to the teacher indicating this change in dismissal plan.
  • needs to make a last minute decision to “Parent Pick Up” must call the school office no later than 2:00pm.
  • is late for the Parent Pick Up line must come to the main office to pick up and sign out their child.  Teachers must report to bus duty when the first bus is called for dismissal.  Teachers will bring parent pick-up children to the main office to wait for late parents.

Students who walk will be dismissed from the main lobby door and are called “Walkers.”  Walkers are defined as anyone who walks home from Fox Hill School.  Students who are picked up by an adult in a car will be dismissed from the playground side of Fox Hill School and are called “Parent Pick-Up.”  Parent Pick-Up is defined as anyone who rides home in a car.

Thank you to everyone for a great start to a new school year! Please click on the link to learn about future happenings at Fox Hill School.


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