School Improvement Council

succeedFox Hill School in partnership with Burlington Public Schools is giving the school improvement plan a new look.  This new look has been created by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education called Planning for Success.  This model includes a multi-year improvement plan and annual action plan that supports implementation and provides simple resources so individual schools can have an inclusive planning process.  The goal of “Planning for Success” is to create a quality plan while building community ownership and support.  

Fox Hill School has embraced this new model and at a today’s staff meeting, teachers were given time to give input and feedback towards creating the plan.  The Planning for Success plan will be shared with the School Improvement Council to gather the council’s feedback and input too.  Our School Improvement Council is made up of two teachers, two parents and two community members.  David Daley, Natalie Stone, Courtney Fine and Susan Kadilak are our council members, I encourage the parent community to recommend community members they think may enjoy this work at Fox Hill School and to support our school.

This is exciting work and more importantly will benefit our students!  I look forward to what we can create together as a community.

Fox Hill School
School Improvement Council Agenda
October 20, 2016
3:00 pm

Fox Hill School Where Children Succeed

The vision of Burlington’s Elementary Schools is “Belong Together, Work Together, Success Together”. Members of the each school will collaborate to promote a safe, nurturing environment where all children are accepted. Individual student strengths will be maximized and individual needs will be met by developing and using strategies that encourage student growth. By promoting independence, curiosity, and learning, students’ academic and social potential will be fostered.

  • Introductions
  • Purpose
  • Planning for Success Model & School Improvement Council
  • Review of the Fox Hill Planning for Success Plan
  • Feedback
  • Next Steps
  • Next Meeting



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