Fox Hill Happenings 10-21-16

principalsdeskLast week grade level community circles met to discuss community and to think about what a peaceable community looks like.  Then I asked students if they believed we had a peaceable community at Fox Hill School. Students overwhelmingly said yes and we acknowledged we have more work to do to create a strong peaceable community.  Our students were thoughtful and reflective as they shared their thinking about what they envisioned for a peaceable community.  Their ideas were inspirational, they were deep and they were endearing and I was very proud of our students.  I am also very proud of our school and how we interact with each other and how we work to accept each other every day. Every day I witness kindness and every day I see smiles all around Fox Hill School.  I am grateful our students have that experience at Fox Hill School.  As a result of our discussion, I created a bulletin board that shares our students’ thinking and reminds us about what it means to be a peaceable community.  Our plan is to add to our bulletin board over the course of the school year.  As we add ideas for what makes a peaceable community we are also strengthening a school community that is peaceable.


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