Fox Hill Happenings 12~16~16

principalsdeskThe week of December 12th was a very busy and wonderful week.  Our PTO started off our week with the opening of our “Holiday Shoppe!” Students in every grade had an opportunity to shop for their family members and just maybe picked up a thing or two for themselves! Thank you to all parents who organized and participated in this event, it was fun and very successful!  It was festive having you at Fox Hill School during the week too!  On Friday, we were treated to our annual Winter Concert-A Walk Through Winter.  Our fine arts staff, Ms. Calhau, Mr. Zavisza, Mr. Napierkowski and Mrs. Canzano created and produced an outstanding performance that brought out the very best in our children! Music is truly a special gift we receive each year that is cherished at Fox Hill School!

This week we held our grade level community circles where we introduced and discussed the condition, Heroes.  I am so proud of our children, they are deep and thoughtful thinkers.  They are also kind and they know and respect our Fox Hill values of kindness, responsibility, respect and safety.  Following our values and expectations, supports our students to “Be the One” on a daily basis.   As a way to acknowledge the kindness of our students, Mrs. DiFrummolo suggested purchasing simple, cool bracelets made by Pura Vida. Pura Vida is a company that gives back to different charities all over the world. Pura Vida has partnered with over 190 charities and have donated more than $935,358 to date. They are also a member of 1% for the Planet, meaning they donate 1% of their annual net revenue to environmental organizations worldwide. Mrs. Magnarelli was “Being the One” on a world wide and local community level by purchasing bracelets from Pura Vida and has encouraged our students to “Be the One”  on a school level.  Over the past two weeks, students have written letters to the principal explaining the kindness bestowed upon them by others.  I read several letters each morning highlighting the many kindnesses extended each day and those students receive a special Pura Vida for “Being the One.”  Each letter I receive is genuine, authentic and communicates we are making a difference at Fox Hill School.

Thank you to Mrs. DiFrummolo, Mrs. Magnarelli and PTO for your support, your enthusiasm and your encouragement of our school community!

To view other information in the Fox Hill Happenings newsletter, please click here.


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