Fox Hill Happenings ~ 2-3-17


On Friday, February 3rd, Fox Hill was treated to a very special and lively assembly! The Burlington Music Department is sponsoring a concert series and the first concert in the series is called, The First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald.  Mr. Middleton is the organizer of the concert series, and this year he wanted to do something a little special.  He wrote and was awarded a grant from the Burlington Education Foundation that provided Burlington students with an opportunity to hear a bit of jazz music and to learn about Ella Fitzgerald.  Nanette Perrotte came to Fox Hill School on Friday to present a 30 minute interactive workshop on The First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald. This was particularly meaningful because February is Black History Month, and it is Ella Fitzgerald’s 100th birthday this spring.  The whole school was in attendance and the kids and the staff had a lot of fun listening to music, facts about Ella’s life and singing and dancing to great music.  We are so appreciative and grateful to Mr. Middleton and to the Burlington Education Foundation, it was by far one of our best assemblies!    It was also a great way to start our day and brought great joy to everyone!  Thank you again to the entire Burlington community for this wonderful opportunity.

To view other information in the Fox Hill Happenings newsletter, please click here.


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