Fox Hill Happenings ~ 3-10-17

Every 6 weeks, each grade level comes together for what is known as “Community Circles” at Fox Hill School. “Community Circles” is a time for each grade level to meet with me and their teachers to celebrate the grade level’s community accomplishments and to discuss and commit to implementing solutions to the challenges each grade level faces or is interested in tackling together. Community Circles are incredibly rewarding as students share their voice, allow themselves to be vulnerable in a safe community environment discussing the challenges they face as well as the joy they experience at school. “Community Circles” have taught over time the importance of accepting and celebrating differences, the importance of working together as a community and the joy we experience when we work together as one community. At our last “Community Circles” we brainstormed a list of our community strengths and our community goals! As you can see our students are committed, caring and are deep thinkers! These are their words! I am very proud of each and every one of our students as we work together to define and to celebrate Fox Hill School!

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