Fox Hill Happenings ~ 3/17/17

Just when we started to entertain thoughts about spring, a strong reminder of winter arrived on Tuesday!  I hope everyone enjoyed the snow and stayed warm!  Our custodial crew did a great job plowing, making paths for staff and students and our town did a great job plowing the parking lot!  This unusual week ended on a fun note as we celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day by wearing green and having a bit of fun!  This morning kindergarten students were very excited because Fox Hill School was visited by several lucky and mischievous leprechauns who left behind green footprints and several pieces of luck!  Our first graders made beautiful rainbows with rays of color that illustrated their many different colorful personalities.  Fox Hill School is so fortunate to have such creative and caring teachers and students, both bring joy to each other and to Fox Hill School.

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2 thoughts on “Fox Hill Happenings ~ 3/17/17

  1. wow, kids receive sensitivity training over Halloween costumes and celebration, unable to say Merry Christmas in school, but OK to have fun on Saint Patrick’s Day? Seems mixed up policy to me.

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