Fox Hill Happenings ~ 3-31-17

I am very excited and proud of the fledgling success of our Fox Hill News Team under the supervision and direction of Ms. Scheffer and Mr. Murphy.  Students are responding with commitment and with enthusiasm to this learning opportunity that gives student voice in learning.  After our first news broadcast, students sought out Ms. Scheffer to communicate their interest to be on the Fox Hill News Team.  Ms. Scheffer then met with students to identify a topic relevant to kids and to Fox Hill School and students started to write their own scripts.  Ms. Scheffer met with students again and engaged them in the revision and editing process.  Once scripts were complete and of high quality, it was time to broadcast the news!  Students met with Ms. Scheffer during their recess time to write, to edit and to tape the news!  When complete, the news airs in the morning so the whole school can watch together!  Below is our second news broadcast, please take a moment to watch our students in action.  We have very talented students who seem to have quite a future in broadcasting.  I am so proud of all our students, and our staff for working together to give our students this learning opportunity!  Soon to come, Fox Hill News 3rd Edition but for now, please enjoy the second edition!

To view other information in the Fox Hill Happenings newsletter, please click here.


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