Fox Hill Happenings ~ 5-12-17

Happy Mother’s Day!  We wish our beautiful Fox Hill mothers a relaxing and peaceful day!  We experienced a very special moment at Fox Hill School today, we had a “Kindness Assembly,” courtesy of the Fox Hill PTO and sponsored by the internationally recognized nonprofit organization KIND CAMPAIGN.  Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson co-founders of KIND CAMPAIGN came to Fox Hill School from California to tell their story about how they are effecting positive change by inspiring others to be kind, and the overall power of kindness.  Students listened attentively as Molly and Lauren told their stories about others being unkind to them as children and how one person made a difference to them by being kind.  Students listened to every word, Lauren and Molly had to say.  After students listened to Molly and Lauren’s stories, students had an opportunity to share their pledges of kindness.  Listening to our students’ pledges was heartwarming and witnessing the respect their friends gave them as they talked was quite a special moment.  Another powerful part of the assembly was asking students to take time to write a “kindness apology.”  This apology was to be made to someone they wanted to say sorry to and were afraid to do so.  The assembly ended with students writing kindness cards to others and students shared those thoughts at the assembly too.  As a result of the assembly, we are making a kindness wall where students will write messages of kindness to place on the wall.  I am very proud of our students for their warmth, their honesty and their efforts to be kind everyday.  Special thanks to the Kathleen Matta for bringing this wonderful opportunity to Fox Hill School.  Her kindness was very much appreciated!

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Our teaching staff was overwhelmed with the kindness bestowed upon us from the parent community and from the PTO during teacher appreciation week.  On Monday, staff were greeted with a sign welcoming them to school, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, they were treated to an abundance of fruit, cupcakes and flowers.  On Friday, staff were treated to a magnificent luncheon provided by parents that included numerous salads, entrees, desserts and beverages.  We had a lot of fun all week and felt parent support, gratitude and appreciation.  Thank you for everything!

Finally, special thanks to all the families who reached out to support the need to fix our school garden fence.  Special thanks to the Parsons family who came up to Fox Hill School, fixed the fence to surprise us.  Again, an act of kindness that was very much appreciated.  Thank you all for caring about us!

Our fourth edition of our Fox Hill News was broadcast throughout the week, please take a peek, here!

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