Fox Hill Happenings ~ 5-19-17

This week was unseasonably warm making us remember how fast the end of the school year is approaching.  Everyone is quite busy finishing up this school year and starting planning for the new year school year.  At the end of every school year comes the possibility of teacher retirements and this year we are preparing to say goodbye to two of our greatest teachers.  It is bittersweet to formally announce that Mrs. Doyle, grade 1 teacher and Mrs. Lewis, grade 2 teacher will officially retire on June 30, 2017 after 30 years of teaching.  Their years of service to Fox Hill children and to their parents can be best described as nothing short of exceptional.  Their care, understanding, knowledge and experience has provided students with a strong foundation in which can be built upon in later years and influenced them in positive ways.  In addition to these two retirements, is the formal announcement that our dear Mrs. Hevey, grade 4 teacher has decided to leave teaching to stay home to care for her two young boys.   This was not an easy decision for Mrs. Hevey because she loves her profession and her students but it is the right decision for her at this time. Mrs. Hevey’s compassion, her quiet and gentle nature will be greatly missed at Fox Hill School.  We learned a lot from Mrs. Hevey and we will take those lessons and weave them into our work with children.  We wish all our exceptional teachers a bright and peaceful future as they take on this next exciting chapter in their life.

Our enrollment is changing every year at Fox Hill School, making it necessary to change the configurations of grade levels.  Next year, there will be 4-kindergarten classes, 5-grade 1 classes, 4-grade 2 classes, 4-grade 3 classes, 3-grade 4 classes and an anticipated 4-grade 5 classes.  We are in the process or hiring new teachers and adjusting teacher assignments.  All new teacher assignments will be shared with parents in a few weeks when they are finalized.  

Finally, several students created a “Be the One’ instructional video.  Our school values and the explosion of technology occurring at Fox Hill School made an impression on several grade 4 students. Savanna Scali took the initiative with several of her classmates to create this heartwarming video.  It is truly a fine and proud moment at Fox Hill School to have such exceptional students take on the values of Fox Hill School.  

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