Staff Changes for 2017-2018 School Year

From the Principal’s Desk…

Every new school year brings change to staffing due to enrollment and retirements.  It is my pleasure to share the classroom teacher changes for the 2017-2018 school year. Classroom teachers are as follows:

Ms. Miele, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Levesque and Ms. Keefe

Grade 1
Mrs. Carroll, Mrs. Ray, Ms. Stone, Mrs. Sawyer and Ms. Christie

Grade 2
Mrs. Tigges, Mrs. Wood, Ms. Festa and Ms. Reilly

Grade 3
Mrs. Lisano, Ms. Saia, Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Synder

Grade 4
Mr. Daley, Mrs. Nolte and Mr. Lisano

Grade 5
Mrs. Jaffe, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Norman and TBA

Though change is bittersweet because we are losing some very talented teachers, I am excited to welcome new staff members and to support staff members who are embracing positive change for students.


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