Fox Hill Happenings ~ 6/23/17

Friday was the last day of the 2016-2017 school year, and it was a very happy and quiet day at Fox Hill School.  Though kids were looking forward to their summer vacation, many of them shared they did not want school to end.  They shared they will miss their teachers, their friends and the excitement that comes with learning.  This brings a smile to my face and is evidence that says we are being successful in creating a love of learning at Fox Hill School.  Learning is fun, it is about being curious and about self-discovery.  Learning opens doors to opportunity and is the bridge to discovering your interests and your passions.  Though the time for structured learning has ended for this year, the time for unstructured learning has only just begun.  Summer is a time when some of the most meaningful learning occurs.  I wish you a safe and relaxing summer, I look forward to seeing everyone in the fall, and I wish our rising fifth graders continued success in middle school.

I leave you with our first Fox Hill Music Video, produced by Ms. Scheffer that truly captures the fun and the value our students place on relationships, learning, and their school.  This video says a lot about us.  Please enjoy it as much as I did!


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