A Most Important Meeting

Last week I met with several fifth grade girls who are serving on the Grade 5 Student Reception Committee. During our meeting I was so impressed with their confidence, their poise, their ideas, and their can-do attitude. This group of girls is charged with organizing the student events immediately following the Grade 5 Reception and they are giving it their best. They are collecting feedback from their peers and consulting with grade 5 classroom teachers regarding the day’s events. They scheduled a lunch meeting with me and presented their agenda and proposal for activities via google docs. We exchanged ideas, problem solved the logistics of the day and had great fun doing so! This is a talented group of students who will make a positive mark on the world. I would not hesitate to put these students in charge of anything, they are CEOs in the making!


An Afternoon of Fun & Games

Every June, our fifth graders take on the Fox Hill teachers in our annual volleyball tournament. Our fifth graders are enthusiastic and serious when it comes to this match. Our fifth graders played cooperatively and skillfully giving their best effort in the hope of beating the teachers. Our teachers are just as good athletes as they are teachers and they are a hard group to beat. Our teachers won the tournament again this year, however, there is always next year! So rising fifth graders, we will see you next year at the game and perhaps you will be the first grade to beat Fox Hill teachers!

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A Fine Arts Evening at Fox Hill School

City For Mrs Downie

Our Fine Arts Evening is on Thursday, May 5, 2016 from 7:00pm-9:00pm (doors will open at 6:15 pm for the Art Show).  This is an evening where we celebrate the arts as a school community.  Mrs. Coroniti and Ms. Calhau have produced a performance that could rival Broadway called “We Haz Jazz.”  Our instrumental teachers, Mr. Napierkowski and Ms. Berger have nurtured our young musicians in their ability to play a multitude of instruments including the violin.  Watch out for these students, they will make their mark someday!  Mr. Scarpulla’s art show gets better and better every year.  The art is plentiful, it is colorful, creative and interesting.  Our students are talented artistically and it shows in the beautiful art work displayed throughout the school.  I am so proud of our fine arts team and our students.  Every year our teachers give their very best to their students.  Our students inspire our teachers to create new opportunities to express themselves and as a result we have created an outstanding Fine Arts Evening for parents.  This evening is not to be missed!