Creative Minds Create!

During the past 6 weeks, Fox Hill School has been focusing on and thinking about the conditions of Creativity and Curiosity and working to highlight and enhance creative and curious events in our children’s school day.  Art is a natural forum that supports, enhances, and encourages students’ creative sides.  Our art specialists, Mr. Stephen Scarpulla and Mrs. Jane Dwyer bring so much to the art experience and foster a child’s ability to take a creative risk, to create with enthusiasm, and to uncover their creative side!  I know you agree they are doing an outstanding job!


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Here Comes the Peppermint Parade

Our first graders were delightful as they shared and performed their poems before a packed audience of parents, friends, and teachers on December 21st. Each first grader selected, memorized, and recited a winter poem that captured the essence of the winter season. Our first graders also delighted the audience with singing songs sprinkled in between the recitation of their poems. Their performance was a fine example of an authentic and engaging experience that utilized underlying cognitive skills such a memory, confidence, motivation, and perseverance – all important to academic learning. However, to everyone on that day, it was pure joy and admiration as each first grader captured both poetry and song.

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Amazing First Graders

The first grade team collaborated to think of a way to make a significant difference for families that are in need. They selected raising money for Heifer International. As a grade level team, first graders committed to doing chores at home to help their parents and earn money. However, our first graders did not keep their earnings; rather, they contributed their earnings of $280.00 to Heifer International. Heifer International has been in existence for 65 years, and its mission is to create a living cycle of sustainability that develops community and enhances self-esteem. Our first graders were able to “pass on the gift” of life by purchasing two goats and two flocks of chickens for 4 families. Now that is amazing!