Fox Hill Front Entrance Improvement

Dear Fox Hill Parents,

During February vacation, a new entrance system was installed at Fox Hill School so doors remain locked throughout the entire day.  This includes before school and after school hours.  Keeping doors locked at all times is a welcomed and positive change as it increases the safety at Fox Hill School.  However, this positive and timely change requires the need to develop a procedure that gives parents access into the building while doors remain locked after school.  During the school day, parents will continue to ring the bell, the secretary unlocks the door and the door clicks open, it will no longer swing open.  For after school events, such as Homework Clinic, Game Day and for community events such as Boy Scout and Girl Scout meetings, a staff member or a troop leader will meet parents at the main lobby door at their designated end time to let parents into the building.

Therefore, effective Tuesday, February 27, 2018 parents who are picking students up from after school events will wait outside Fox Hill School until 4:00 pm.  At 4:00 pm, a staff member from the after school activity will open the door to let parents into the main lobby to pick up their child.

Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders will also meet parents at the door to let parents in when their meeting is over.  Please check in with your troop leader to confirm ending times.

Please know this procedure does not include pick up from the after school care program, parents will use the same procedures that after school care has developed for picking up children.

Thank you to Dr. Conti, Mr. Cunha and Mr. Zarba for making the necessary changes to our front door system.  It has made a major difference.

Ellen K. Johnson


Practice Lockdown Today

Fox Hill had a practice Lockdown today.  Everyone did great!  We are proud of our kids, teachers, and our police department!  For more information about the Standard Response Protocol, please find additional information here.

Fox Hill Happenings 9-30-16

principalsdeskWe have an exceptional group of parents, just like our Fox Hill students. Fox Hill School is very grateful to our parents for their willingness to volunteer their time at Fox Hill School.  Over 90 parents attended the volunteer training this week and your participation is a tribute to the strong home-school partnership we have at Fox Hill School!  Thank you to all our supportive parents, we look forward to working together for kids!

Also, this week, the Burlington Police Department spoke at our General PTO Meeting about our Emergency Response Protocol.  Many parents came to Fox Hill School to hear Lt. Browne, Sgt. McDonough and Officer Cross explain in-depth the plan that will be implemented in all public school buildings in Burlington.  There is much information on Dr. Conti’s blog, the Fox Hill School PTO blog and the Principal’s Blog and I invite you to view this information.  If anyone has questions, please contact any one of us and we will be most happy to answer your questions!

To view other information in the Fox Hill Happenings newsletter, please click here.