Practice Lockdown Today

Fox Hill had a practice Lockdown today.  Everyone did great!  We are proud of our kids, teachers, and our police department!  For more information about the Standard Response Protocol, please find additional information here.


Fox Hill Happenings 9-30-16

principalsdeskWe have an exceptional group of parents, just like our Fox Hill students. Fox Hill School is very grateful to our parents for their willingness to volunteer their time at Fox Hill School.  Over 90 parents attended the volunteer training this week and your participation is a tribute to the strong home-school partnership we have at Fox Hill School!  Thank you to all our supportive parents, we look forward to working together for kids!

Also, this week, the Burlington Police Department spoke at our General PTO Meeting about our Emergency Response Protocol.  Many parents came to Fox Hill School to hear Lt. Browne, Sgt. McDonough and Officer Cross explain in-depth the plan that will be implemented in all public school buildings in Burlington.  There is much information on Dr. Conti’s blog, the Fox Hill School PTO blog and the Principal’s Blog and I invite you to view this information.  If anyone has questions, please contact any one of us and we will be most happy to answer your questions!

To view other information in the Fox Hill Happenings newsletter, please click here.

School Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Dear Fox Hill Families,

Our arrival and dismissal procedures are well thought out and are designed to promote safety for all children and their parents.   It is essential that all parents and guardians follow these procedures and work as a team for the purposes of creating a calm, organized and safe school arrival and dismissal experience for all children and staff.

School Arrival Procedures

  • Students arrive no earlier than 8:15am.  Staff are not available to monitor students who are dropped off earlier than 8:15am.
  • Parents who drop off their children in a car drive along the FoxHillSchool access road and stop at the end of the road parallel to the sidewalk.
  • Students exit from the left hand side of the car onto the sidewalk.
  • Students exit from the first two cars in line.
  • Once students are on the sidewalk, cars exit FoxHillSchool via the parking lot.

School Dismissal Procedures


Walkers are defined as anyone who walks home from Fox Hill School.  Students who walk home are dismissed from the main lobby door and are called “Walkers.”  Students exit the front door and walk along the sidewalk.  A crossing guard is present at the corner of Fox Hill Road to assist students.

Parent Pick Up

Parent Pick-Up is defined as anyone who rides home in a car.  Students who are picked up by an adult in a car are dismissed from the playground side of Fox Hill School and are called “Parent Pick-Up.”

  • Parents who pick up their children in a car during the 2:35pm dismissal time are to drive along the Fox Hill access road and the first car in line stops parallel to FoxHillSchool recess doors.
  • Cars will form a single line and parents will remain in their cars.
  • Teachers will walk all parent pick up students out to a designated spot at 2:35pm and teachers will dismiss students one at a time to the first two cars in line.
  • Students will enter the car on the left hand side of the car.
  • Once students are in the car and the car door is closed, parents proceed to the parking lot and exit FoxHillSchool via the second row.

Parents who have indicated “Parent Pick Up” as their child (ren)’s regular dismissal plan are to follow the aforementioned procedure.

Parent Changes in Student Dismissal Routines

  • Sends a different driver to pick up their child other than the usual driver must send a note to the classroom teacher stating the change of driver that includes their full name.  Students will not be dismissed to a different Parent Pick Up driver without a note from a parent.
  • Changes their usual dismissal routine to Parent Pick Up or Walker must send a note to the teacher indicating this change in dismissal plan.
  • Needs to make a last minute decision to “Parent Pick Up” must call the school office no later than 2:15pm.
  • Is late for the Parent Pick Up line must come to the main office to pick up and sign out their child.  Teachers must report to bus duty when the first bus is called for dismissal.  Teachers will bring parent pick-up children to the main office to wait for late parents.

No student is allowed to go to the playground during dismissal procedures for any reason. This creates an unsafe situation for those participating in parent pick-up.

Thank you in following these arrival and dismissal procedures and participating in ensuring the safety of all children, their parents and staff.  Also, I ask for your patience and understanding during the first few weeks of school until children and their parents are comfortable with this process.

*Please note that our kindergarten parent pick up dismissal procedure will remain the same and will NOT change. Parents are to come to the lobby to pick up their child at 1:00 pm.

If anyone has any questions, please contact me at


Ellen Johnson, Principal
Fox Hill School