Fox Hill Happenings ~ 1-27-2017

principalsdeskOn Tuesday night, January 24th, the four elementary principals presented its first draft of their “Planning for Success” plan to Dr. Conti and the school committee. “Planning for Success” is a school improvement plan intended to organize and direct focus on specific district objectives and initiatives shared across all levels, PreK-12. Fox Hill School staff members, school improvement council members, PTO members and central office staff have contributed to the development of the “Planning for Success” school improvement plan. The four objectives in the district’s plan are Engaged Learning, Relationships, Communication, and Facilities and Operations. The initiatives under these objectives include Inclusion, Social & Emotional Learning, Cultural Competence, Collaboration, and School Safety. The following PowerPoint represents all four elementary schools and was shared at the school committee meeting as part of our presentation. Once the school committee reviews, makes suggestions and approves our portion of “Planning for Success” plan, Fox Hill School will roll up its sleeves and eagerly get started implementing this plan. “Planning for Success” objectives and initiatives represent exciting and meaningful work that facilitates and supports our ability to better meet the needs and to achieve success for all its students.

Fox Hill School is working to improve its traffic flow in the morning to ensure the safety of everyone.  Those parents who drop off their children in the morning and use the access road may have noticed new one way signs at the end of the access road. These signs ensure the safety of students and staff as they enter the building in the morning.  After parents drop off students at the end of the access road, please proceed to the second row of cars as you drive out of the parking lot.  The second row has less parked cars and less staff members, parents and children walking into the building, thereby making it a safer exit and entry for all.  We appreciate your cooperation and support during the busy morning school hours.

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