Teacher Blogs


Grade 1

Grade 2

  • Ms. Festa – Room 18
    Follow Ms. Festa’s Class on Instagram (theresnoplacelikeroom18)
  • Ms. Reilly – Room 17
    Follow Ms. Reilly’s Class on Instagram (fh_room17)

Grade 3

  • Follow Mrs. Lisano’s Class on Instagram (mrslisansosclass)

Grade 4

Grade 5




7 thoughts on “Teacher Blogs

    • Some classrooms have changed for the 2016-2017 school year. If you need specific information about your child’s classroom, and it is not listed on our Teacher Blog page, please call the school office at 781-270-1791. Thank you for your inquiry.

    • Thank you for your question! Mr. Raymond is a new teacher and eager to begin his blog. Please continue to look for it , when it is ready to share, I will add it to the list!

      Welcome back to a happy new school year!

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