Fox Hill Happenings ~ 2-17-17

principalsdeskAt end of the day on Friday marked the official start of Winter Break.  I wish every Fox Hill family a safe and peaceful vacation and we look forward to everyone’s return to school on Monday February 27th!

Last week was a fun, productive and busy week at Fox Hill School!  Our technology integrationist team, Mr. Murphy and Ms. Scheffer were busy transforming our library, into what is now known in education, as “The Learning Commons.” I have waited a long time for this transformation to occur and this year it became a reality under the leadership of these fine educators.  Take a minute to listen to our teachers’ voices as they explain this transformation into the future!

During this past week, we reached the 100th day of school!  This is always a special and time honored moment in a school year as this day lends authenticity to the quantity of “100.”  Students in grades K-2 collected 100 objects, brought them to school and made creations that demonstrated understanding of a 100.   Our kindergarten students created capes that not only demonstrated their understanding of 100 it also highlighted their creativity. Take a moment to watch this delightful kindergarten parade that celebrated kindergarten’s 100th day of school!

Finally, the kick off to vacation started with a family fun PTO dance at Fox Hill School.  The kids had a great time and special thanks go out to Robyn Magnarelli, Kathleen Matta, Sangita Shah, Margarita Prajapati and Jodi DiFrummolo for organizing this fun event for families and students.  It is clear that fun was had by all!

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Fox Hill Happenings ~ 2-10-17

principalsdeskTuesday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day! It is a very exciting day for our young students and the best part of the day is distributing Valentines to friends and to teachers. I want to remind parents that candy cannot be attached to Valentine cards given our food policies. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Parents in grades 1-5 have received i-Ready reports that report growth in reading. Next week, parents can expect to receive Symphony reports that report growth in math. I am very proud of our students and their teachers as students have made great growth overall in these two content areas. Thank you to all parents for your support in education. If any parent has any questions about i-Ready reports or forthcoming Symphony reports, please call me or email me at I wish everyone a great winter weekend having fun in the snow!

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Fox Hill Happenings ~ 2-3-17


On Friday, February 3rd, Fox Hill was treated to a very special and lively assembly! The Burlington Music Department is sponsoring a concert series and the first concert in the series is called, The First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald.  Mr. Middleton is the organizer of the concert series, and this year he wanted to do something a little special.  He wrote and was awarded a grant from the Burlington Education Foundation that provided Burlington students with an opportunity to hear a bit of jazz music and to learn about Ella Fitzgerald.  Nanette Perrotte came to Fox Hill School on Friday to present a 30 minute interactive workshop on The First Lady of Song, Ella Fitzgerald. This was particularly meaningful because February is Black History Month, and it is Ella Fitzgerald’s 100th birthday this spring.  The whole school was in attendance and the kids and the staff had a lot of fun listening to music, facts about Ella’s life and singing and dancing to great music.  We are so appreciative and grateful to Mr. Middleton and to the Burlington Education Foundation, it was by far one of our best assemblies!    It was also a great way to start our day and brought great joy to everyone!  Thank you again to the entire Burlington community for this wonderful opportunity.

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